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 Frequently Asked Questions

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The following are questions frequently asked by players, and answers from staff.

What is Mumble? Mumble is a very good voice chatting device in which you download it and chat with others.

How do I build and airship? Firstly, an airship is a flying ship, mostly used for raiding. You can build one out of wool, endstone, and glass. People usually make wool airships. It can be any size and any shape. Do /ac help for commands on airships.

How do I make a faction? Do /f help.

I don't have a certain permission, what do I do? If you don't have a permission, then tell an admin right away! You will have the permission in a few minutes. DO NOT COMPLAIN FOR OTHER PERMISSIONS! You have each needed permission for your group.

How do I donate? Email Shadow and this is the format:

Hi, my username is <your username> and I would like to donate <amount of real money> for the tier <1-3>.

When you have emailed him, he will tell you how to pay for it.

How do I become staff? Go back to new spawn with warp /warp noobspawn and read the tutorials.

If someone is advertising or spamming, how do I report them? Simply tell an OP.

How do I take place in a drop party? 2 admins press 2 buttons at the same time at the top of the tower and each player gets teleported there, that way nobody can miss it!

I didn't get much things from the drop party, what do I do? Just be on the next day and we'll have another party.

Someone just faction betrayed me, what do I do? Tell an OP immediately. We will take care of the person.

I just logged on, and my base is destroyed, how did this happen? Since this is a raiding server, any faction can raid you. Do not get mad that you got raided, just build a new base, this time more hidden.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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