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 Should we sell this stuff?

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Should we sell this stuff? Empty
PostSubject: Should we sell this stuff?   Should we sell this stuff? EmptyThu Mar 28, 2013 10:05 pm

I want some opinions of stuff you can buy with donations, and if they are a good idea:

1. Item Sorter
This will most likely be around $5, and it will sort your items when you drop them in, most likely will sort 16-32 items out and will have a extra storage at the end to store non-sorted items, plus automatically smelts your ores for you

2. Faction Wipe
It will be a super expensive thing, around $100. We will wipe the entire faction base from the map, everything will be gone from the faction, there will be no warning before an attack

3. Faction shield
No factions can attack you for one week, or they will get attacked by admins. This will be around $30-$50

4. God Items
This will be tools and weapons with unlimited use. The picks will have unbreaking 10, Efficiency 5, and Fortune
Swords will be Sharpness 6, Fire, and Looting

5. Map Reset
You can reset the entire map, that's right, everything GONE, except your base.
This will be the most expensive thing on the server, price undetermined, and will be over $200 for sure

*Prices and items are not set in stone, they may never exists or the price could change*

Any feedback on these would be good, thanks


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Should we sell this stuff?
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