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 How To Make A RAID Proof Base!!! And How To Raid!!! :D

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What Is Your Favorite Type Of Defence Block For a Base?
How To Make A RAID Proof Base!!! And How To Raid!!! :D I_vote_lcap50%How To Make A RAID Proof Base!!! And How To Raid!!! :D I_vote_rcap
 50% [ 3 ]
How To Make A RAID Proof Base!!! And How To Raid!!! :D I_vote_lcap0%How To Make A RAID Proof Base!!! And How To Raid!!! :D I_vote_rcap
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How To Make A RAID Proof Base!!! And How To Raid!!! :D I_vote_lcap0%How To Make A RAID Proof Base!!! And How To Raid!!! :D I_vote_rcap
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Bedrock (NOPE!!!)
How To Make A RAID Proof Base!!! And How To Raid!!! :D I_vote_lcap17%How To Make A RAID Proof Base!!! And How To Raid!!! :D I_vote_rcap
 17% [ 1 ]
How To Make A RAID Proof Base!!! And How To Raid!!! :D I_vote_lcap17%How To Make A RAID Proof Base!!! And How To Raid!!! :D I_vote_rcap
 17% [ 1 ]
How To Make A RAID Proof Base!!! And How To Raid!!! :D I_vote_lcap16%How To Make A RAID Proof Base!!! And How To Raid!!! :D I_vote_rcap
 16% [ 1 ]
How To Make A RAID Proof Base!!! And How To Raid!!! :D I_vote_lcap0%How To Make A RAID Proof Base!!! And How To Raid!!! :D I_vote_rcap
 0% [ 0 ]
How To Make A RAID Proof Base!!! And How To Raid!!! :D I_vote_lcap0%How To Make A RAID Proof Base!!! And How To Raid!!! :D I_vote_rcap
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How To Make A RAID Proof Base!!! And How To Raid!!! :D Empty
PostSubject: How To Make A RAID Proof Base!!! And How To Raid!!! :D   How To Make A RAID Proof Base!!! And How To Raid!!! :D EmptyWed Mar 13, 2013 9:54 pm

First Of Watch This Video That Explains the Pros And Cons of Obby!!

Some Other Tips Include...

[i]* More than 8000 blocks away from spawn. Do /sethome and /home every now and then so when you die of starvation you can easily warp back to your home.
* At bedrock level, this way it's harder to xray..
* Put less-valuable ores around and above your base. Use a Silk Touch pick to place coal above your base or to the sides. Make this look natural, though.
* Lava also helps above your base.
* Nether bases are also very helpful. :-)
*Water Is Tnt Proof...

*Use Obby To protect your base but remember Obby sort of gives you away, too. As it does not come naturally.

~~~~ How to Build a Base ~~~~

Building a base to protect yourself from the diamond swords and the arrows? Good work! Here are some tips to help you make your base even more efficient:

1: Size Bigger may not be better, as an above ground structure gains visibility the larger it is, and leaves more space for your party to have to defend and be attacked from. Large bases like these also attract PvPers, Looters and griefers quickly. On the flip side, big bases make great headquarters, and can hold more firepower, such as cannons, dispensers, and archer towers. A small base is also not that safe, because of in the case of a explosion, you're going to be saying goodbye to your chests and hard work.
One effective type of base is a base that is deep underground, where enemies will take days to hunt you down, while you throw the cobblestone you mined into the fire, relax and build traps and a strongroom.
Another base, meant for continuous habitation, is far above the world. In the case of high render distance, enemies still may not notice it, due to players generally looking forward, not up. Even when they do notice it, hey will be required to build up to it, at least until they get within range to throw an ender pearl. Unless a prohibitively expensive defensive structure is used to get up, they can be easily pummeled with arrows, a single one of which could send them falling to their death or at least making them restart.
Tips for a base in mid-air: don't have any "blind-spots," if someone builds up from straight beneath you, you will be unable to shoot them until they literally enter your base. This can be accomplished by building the bottom floor in a "ring" shape. Also, make a nether portal, but disable it so that it does not attract other portals, if need be, you can enable it to make an escape. Bases in mid-air are somewhat more effective during a raid, when well stocked, as there is very little the enemy can do to actually enter them besides pillaring up and trying not to get shot off of their pillar. Again, this base type is best for continuous habitation, but it is only slightly more protected than a house on the ground if nobody is manning it.

2: Defenses Every good base needs traps and defenses! A poor wall defense is made of cobblestone, but is easily defeated. A good wall should contain an anti-explosion obsidian or water layer,and be thick so it will take a long period of time to mine through, frustrating players trying to breach your fort while you pick them off with arrows. Traps such as TNT tripwires, pitfalls, and dispensers are great defenses, but some materials, such as sticky pistons, are hard-to-come-by materials, so be careful while trying to get these materials. Also, self building walls can be useful during an attack, but remember, a trespasser will not simply pound at the wall forever (unless they are monotonously dedicated to it). Eventually,they will most likely climb it with blocks, or disable it by destroying the mechanism.

3: Allies This is one of the great secrets to PvP mastery! Allies can be useful in many tasks, but they must be trustworthy, or else they could backstab you and tamper with your welfare in general. An ally could help in battle and gather materials for you,or make an unnecessary enemy,be killed with your valuables when they fall in lava, or stab you in the back. So be careful whom you choose for an ally! Haste in that aspect is generally a waste. So, if someone offers to ally the minute you go on a server, especially a hardcore server, refuse. Likewise, if someone joins a server for the first time, immediately seeking or accepting their alliance is usually a mistake.


City assaults

General tips about cities. Archers will usually be on the walls, and most people's reaction would be to send all of the infantry out of the gates. Stay out of arrow range until ready to charge, you can even build an encampment or even trenches, with crafting tables, furnaces, and even a mine if needed. Siege-weapons are useless, it is more costly and time-consuming to blow up a wall than to fix the hole. Don't waste arrows in a literally up-hill battle against archers on the walls. Unless hardcore mode is enabled or beds or /homes are disabled, killing beds and raiding chests is extremely important.

You CANNOT starve them out, they can mine and farm just as easily when you are there as when you aren't.

For attacking walled, land-based, well-manned cities, going underground is probably best. If that is not possible for some reason (mods that stop one from doing so, bedrock walls under their cobblestone or obsidian ones, etc) Just let them get tired out trying to scare you away, running out of arrows, then send in someone invisible with an Ender pearl, they will use TNT or a pickaxe to smash through enemy walls, then throw splash potions at all of the archers, at this point, simply charge juggernauts into range and kill them, while sending all melee infantry through the breach in the walls. All exotics should teleport in with Ender pearls, wreaking havoc with TNT and lava while invisible. They should probably get on top of roofs or the like to avoid detection, then spam potions on to the faces of any juggernauts trying to escape or stop your infantry. Once the walls are relatively free of enemies, have a few snipers climb up. They can make short work of enemies near the breach.

If you have a large force, you can attack multiple points of the city, and overextend their forces around the city

Exotics should be modified to carry TNT, Redstone torches, etc as opposed to so many health potions.

About 1/3rd of Exotics should also search out enemy chests and beds Immediately, this will stop the enemy from respawning in the city and getting powerful gear again.

A possible city assault plan should go as such:

1: Build a major, somewhat safe siege tower.

2: Have all Juggernauts teleport into the city from the tower.

3: Order at least 6 ladder shafts into the city.

4: Have the invading Juggernauts sprint directly toward the center and place obsidian above any chests.

5: Through all ladder shafts, have infantry continue assault and destroy everything that is not a chest and breakable with their tools. This IS war!

6: Seize all chests, destroy all of the city remains, and plant trees over the remains to ensure they cannot EVER recover.
Sky Castle assaults

A manned sky castle is the most formidable fortress possible in Minecraft, a single lightly armored archer on the defense platform could send a dozen armed-to-the-teeth armored-to-the-core juggernauts plummeting to their certain death, even if they all pillared up at the same time and attempted to get in with Ender pearls if they got close enough. Assaulting a Sky castle is a dangerous and difficult attack, as an attacking army 10 times as numerous as that of the defenders can be easily destroyed without ever even causing damage if they do not carefully plan their assault.

For the defenders: Build it at least at y=180 for the bottom. Have a Nether Portal, but keep it turned off unless it is in-use. Make a ring around the bottom of the castle which allows archers to move around and fire at things straight below them. Farm everything you can in the castle, food, chickens and trees are a must. There are some items that are difficult to farm on a castle, stock up on them: Sand/Glass: for making potions. Gunpowder: for potions and TNT. Ghast-tears: for potions, just in case. Iron: for armor, buckets, tools. Diamond: For swords, armor, etc. Gold: For potions. Redstone: for potions. String: for new bows. Lava: for dropping on people. Ender pearls: for abandoning ship or surprise-attacking the more intelligent juggernauts (often a suicide mission)


Make as little surface-area as possible for people to Ender pearl to, make it so that they will hit a wall and fall to their deaths.

For the attackers: DON'T build 1x1 pillars to the tower straight under it, the archers will shoot you off, Ender pearls are not long-enough range to reach them, and you won't be able to kill them with arrows at such steep angles. DON'T try to Ender pearl unless you can successfully get in, hitting the walls will cause you to drop to your certain death. DO sit on the ground below the base and fire mortars at important areas of their base. It may seem like a waste of gunpowder, but it is worth it. DO guard the Nether and move their portal to link with one that teleports them to the ground instead of their base. DO put pressure plates all over the place next to the portal to detect invisible enemies. DO go directly under the fortress(or any blind spot)and use your cobble and ladders to slowly create a shaft with a ladder that an archer cannot shoot you off (since the ladder is in a little shaft of cobblestone) in order to anchor the fortress to the ground. Following this, send Juggernauts in.

Go 100 meters away or more and build a pillar slightly taller than their base, from said pillar, build a man-powered enclosed flying machine. This is perhaps the most effective piece of siege-equipment possible. Move the enclosed flying machine about 30 blocks away from their base. Have all of the troops inside drink an invisibility potion and break the glass between them and the sky castle. Have each throw an Ender pearl and start to storm the base invisible, if it you wish to destroy it, break all beds and steal the items from the chests. If not, simply activate the Nether Portal, send all soldiers but one on the ground into the Nether, disable the ground portal, and send all soldiers back to earth, they should appear in the portal. Send everyone still invisible to random areas to spy, and let the majority of the army sweep through the castle.

If one lacks the expertise to do this, building a 5x5 diamond-shaped tower of cobblestone with multiple juggernauts or melee-infantry at the top works as well, just remember that they need regeneration II or healing potions (preferably splash potions to heal all of the juggernauts at once). Also, Make sure that the walls of the tower are always 1-3 meters taller than the floor and never jump onto or above the altitude of the walls. Also remember that this takes 26 stacks of cobble to reach 128 meters up.

It is recommended to have another person go up inside the tower and replace the cobble with ladders, allowing future, secure use. Also, deleting the tower may take some time, so take note of that if you plan on taking the castle for your faction.

It is especially a good idea to create a spleef arena made with snow as the floor. If the base is protected, only you can shovel it, and it's also the fact that no enchantment can negate the fall damage caused by the fall.

<<<<<<How To Be Well Stocked for a Pvp Out-Break>>>>>>

PvP Major Nuances

Some fighters and to some extent servers go way out of hand, having players with diamond equipment camping at spawn or at chest shops or areas with good amounts of materials, and sometimes people killing others on sight, so here's your guide to surviving PvP servers.
[edit] Politics
[edit] Be great to everyone

If you want those griefers or spawnkillers on your side, be really nice to them, like asking if they wanna live with you in your house or giving them stuff like food and iron ingots, or if you're really nice, diamonds and diamond tools. They are out to get that stuff so if you're offering it to them once every so often they won't hound you for them, plus many spawnkillers are homeless and camp at the spawn for protection anyway, so if they live with you in-game then they won't camp at spawn so often. This may also backfire, if the spawnkillers/griefers know you have ingots and diamond on you, that just gives more reason to kill you and get it all. Ironically, this may be the most effective way to make allies with random people, giving them full access to all of your resources will generally remove any want to take your items, so as long as you aren't too mean to them.
[edit] Keep up the map

If a server has an online dynamic map or if Rei's minimap is allowed (most likely), USE THEM. Rei's minimap helps you understand what structures are ahead of you, and Online maps show everything and also show locations of players. Use them to your advantage.
[edit] Participate in Server Events

Whether it'd be a Drop Party or an organized PvP match participate in server events and you'll be known by most members in the server, meaning people will have second thoughts of attempting to kill you, plus if you really are a good server participator, by winning PvP matches or dropping valuable items, you'll be recognized throughout the server and most players won't attempt to kill you, you may even be made a mod/ op, meaning you can just go to creative if you are attacked.
[edit] Defending Your Base

Let's say you're on a faction server. You own a rich faction that constantly raids and battles. Your base has not been found until now. Two guys each holding a Sharpness V, Fire Aspect II, Knockback II sword and wearing Protection IV armor are directly outside your base setting up a TNT cannon. You should always have passive defenses, such as a water-coated roof and walls (Considering the fact that water negates explosions). You may also want to put, if the server has them in its shop, a hostile mob spawner on top of your water-coated base. The mobs will funnel down to the bottom of the walls of your base, driving away all unarmored or weak-armored raiders, and if they are heavily armored, it will distract them from actually attacking your base. Now, you have both of those defenses, but the raiders remain unfazed. Don't jump down and PvP them like an idiot. They will kill you no matter what. Instead, either wait for the spawning mobs to break their armor (If you have the spawner defense, of course), or bring your faction members and allies to assist in defeating the enemy. Of course, the enemies can pay one of your allies to betray and kill you, so be aware of this! Or you could just spam Power IV Flame I arrows at them until their armor breaks enough for you to swoop in and kill them. Note that you will not get their armor. Also, if you have enough supplies, place some piston traps or TNT landmines around your base. It'll have them watching for traps once they've dismantled the first one they found, and when they least expect it, snowball them into one of the traps while they are dismantling it. Remember to cover the trap with a block once they fell in so they can't escape. All of these are good defense tactics, but are generally outclassed by things such as a 3-layer thick water-coated self repairing wall, although that takes a very long time to build.

In these cases, booby traps are good, so set up booby traps everywhere where the enemy can't find them. In fact, make some that are meant to make the enemy know about the traps but it itself is a trap. These work as warnings and signals. Use tripwires and wool under them to use as signals for example.
[edit] Hate The Spawn

If you're building a massive fortress near the spawn, a griefer or simply a plain idiot might run behind you and kill you, disassemble your fortress and run off with your materials. Well the easiest method to prevent this is to build your house away from spawn and try to survive a good distance away from spawn. It is usually a good idea to use the /sethome command around this area where you wish to live, as if it is a long way away from spawn and you die, it's a long walk, or mad chase if there are spawnkillers with diamond armor and enchanted diamond swords. Using the /home command if you used /sethome cuts the time getting to your safe zone drastically, usually having the spawnkillers and griefers be dazzled in confusion.
[edit] What about my diamonds?

On many PVP servers there's no way to protect your equipment and resources, so most players resort to burying them. A good strategy to keep those hard earned diamonds safe is to put a chest in your house with basic invaluable items in it (with a few valuables mixed in to help fool them), and bury your more expensive items a short way away from your house. When the looters come to vist they might grief it and take your stuff (or so they think), but the chest you buried will still be safe. If your really paranoid you can bury your stuff at the bottom of the sea. People rarely cross the ocean and if they do they won't be looking for treasure. Also, use the ender chest. It is player-specific (not even admins can search it).
[edit] Basic PvP supply setup

The following is a step-by-step tutorial on how to survive while being a new dude to a PvP server. Follow in this order:

Go solo for now. Don't make a faction, don't talk. This prevents you from having to deal with "professionals." More information coming on them soon...
Go in the opposite direction people are moving toward. This prevents you from being noticed.
Make sure it is far away from anything. There's nothing more horrifying than your mortal enemies being your next-door neighbors.
Make a small, undetectable base. Underground is the least noticeable around layer 10 is ideal, putting you near good materials and hiding your nameplate on the surface.
Cheating is something that undermines every setup. Step carefully!

Start gathering immediately. Do them in this order;
-Get wood.
-Make a bed to set your new spawn point (unless your server is customized).
-Make chests and protect them.
-Build a farm.
-Find coal and iron.
-Look for diamond. Layer 8 is the best, but look for caves especially.
-Mine obsidian and reinforce the walls of your base.
-Make a portal to the Nether in order to find Blazes and Nether Wart.
-Once you have a blaze rod or two, start hunting for Endermen.
-Make an Ender Chest.
-Start brewing potions.
-Find leather and sugar canes.
-Make an enchantment table if you have the tools to and keep it well concealed.
-Make an anvil to combine enchantments.
-Enchant your diamond armor and sword.

I-MUST-WIN tip: You must have fallback in your base in the case of hard times. This means:

A renewable source of food,
A renewable source of wood, and
A set of stone tools to restart the gathering of supplies.

To make raids against you rare, it is recommended to live in the Nether (but not the End since it's highly coveted) where people normally don't go. It's dangerous, but not as dangerous as living in the overworld. Keep in mind, if you have a mining base, that too must be defended as since raiders can get there via the portal.

Make a faction and start recruiting.

-Note to do this when only a few people are online to make sure that nobody else is there to make you enemy (if you're lucky). (Factions is a bukkit plugin and is not part of a vanilla server.)

That's it! Not too long ahead, you should become good enough to last through most attacks... eventually.

<<<<<How To Get Killed Less Often>>>>>

Actual Fight Tactics
[edit] Attack Related
[edit] Immediate Tactics

Trigger Happiness.

Practice. Whether or not it's in Multiplayer; practice shooting moving targets. This can train how well you hit, strafe and can sharpen your reflexes.

Son of a beach ball

Equipment saves lives, mostly your own. Keep some snowballs with you to knock enemies back. It MIGHT give the impression they are being attacked. It also knocks them back and gives you more space from him. Most of them will try to use their oh-so-powerful sword and charge you, back off (skirmish). Take note that Snowballs will also damage Armour, so if you see somone in full Gold Armour for it's Enchantibility, don't be afraid to pelt them with Snowballs.

I-MUST-WIN tip: Snowballs are cheap, easy-to-mass-produce armor killers! Do not pass up this attack! Keep snow golems in your base for this! Unfortunately... it takes a little less than 4 chests of them to destroy diamond armor.

Be a creeper

Don't carry anything of value on you except some TNT and levers and blow your enemies up (keep in mind that this is also a suicide weapon).

Circle in a square game

PvP isn't exactly always standing still in one spot while hitting someone with a sword, and never really should be. Circle strafing around your foes can really save your bacon, especially if they have diamond weapons. Because the player attacking you needs to aim ahead with the bow, since there is a delay before the arrow strikes, it can disorient them and you can avoid hits much easier. To make it even harder for your opponent to hit you, use potions of speed. However, this should be avoided as much as possible when near obstacles like walls, or hazards like lava or cactus. Most people don't strafe, that's your advantage.


If you really hate someone, make a place near their base/main spawn. Then expose yourself. In that place, you need to leave TNT or whatever will kill the enemy. It kills you as well, but it's for your enemy. If you are slightly less suicidal, such as on a hardcore(death-ban / death-temp-ban) server, make the same sort of house, make it plainly visible to them, but design it to kill them and leave you standing. This can be efficiently done by filling the walls, floor, and ceiling with TNT, and making a small room, not very visible, deep inside, make it out of solid obsidian, but leave the entrance clear, put a lever triggering the traps(TNT, preferably some lava, too. wait inside for them to come in, once they do, get in the obsidian room (cost=4x3x3-4=32 blocks of obsidian) then use the remaining 2 in your inventory to patch it closed, it should be wired with a lever to activate the traps, hopefully killing anyone else in the home.
[edit] Counter-attack via attack

Those useless things that you can't use in PvP and Faction wars may not be so useless after all. Your base could be raided. And if it is high in air then you're somewhat outta luck, since it's hard to escape the raid. If it's attached to the ground but still high, you're somewhat safe. You could escape, but they still have their valuable diamond armor and swords. You can stay and get defeated UNLESS you have tricks and traps around your base. Make sure you and the leader only know about it to prevent traitors from knowing the base too well. Try these:

Block Update Detectors and TNT. The first thing enemies would normally do is take out the water around the base and replace it with lava. If that happens, and you have a BUD to confirm that water is still there, TNT is supposed to be set off under a pile of sand, with water to block out the damage to the environment (be careful using it without water, you'll probably get more damage done than you bargained for) and torches to break the sand. Maybe even not add torches to suffocate the enemies, but the explosion will be reduced.

Emergency switches. Set your Faction's spawn point in a 2x2 hallway. Put an emergency button to pull in the blocks under you with sticky pistons and the enemy will fall into lava. Note that this is guaranteed to waste the enemy's armor, not to kill him. Use a BUTTON, NOT A LEVER! Stay around to ensure that the enemy cannot teleport to his Faction home.

Extremely thick walls. For the paranoid. Make walls 20-40 layers deep if you want. This is not a death trap. This is meant to give you enough time to escape.

Secret switches. Not always will enemies come via broken brick walls. They might just come through the front door. Hide your entrances and fool enemies with fake entrances. Make sure all your team knows of them.

Spleef o' Death. Dudes in diamond might come and kill you and raid your chests. You are in iron, huh? Shovels are your weapon here. Put snow blocks as the one layer floor block, dig all the way to bedrock, lay TNT everywhere (just make sure it is out of reach from your base), and depending on how strong they are or how much you hate your enemy, put a manual switch or lay tripwire to automatically blow them up. Note that you might not get their loot.

Gas Chamber. Cram dispensers in the walls of a tight hallway, load them with damage potions, lead a rapid clicker to them, place a switch to restrain it, and then put sticky pistons in the walls to trap people in separate rooms. Nothing, not even Heavy weapon dudes with so much as Protection X (not that that enchantment is available without editing the NBT file) can survive.

[edit] Deploy a Decoy

If you are with a group or faction of people and have a reputation on the server, use this to your advantage. Create a fake base near the spawn (Be sure to make it look convincing, like a low sky base or an obsidian above-ground base). Do not store anything in this base and make a trap inside the base, like a Piston Pitfall trap or Button-activated trap. People will come for this base assuming it is your real base (It may not always work. This works mainly on faction servers, but if you are good enough at designing these you can make it compatible with a non-Faction PvP server). Once they fall in the trap and die, you are able to take their items. This is a great source of money, items, and PvP supplies.
[edit] Punish as the Juggernaut

Most PvP servers are unruly and free-for-all situations. Now what's the best thing you can get? Victory and Survival! What's the best tool? Juggernaut-like armor (and some brains mixed in)! First, you'll need to find iron or diamonds. Watch out for people, because they'll most likely be on the same track. Second, brew a potion of Strength. Third, enchant everything. Enchant the armor for maximum Protection. Enchant the sword to maximum power with Fire Aspect, Knockback, etc. Remember, Sharpness is the only generic damage booster. Smite and Bane of Arthropods V may seem impressive, but in a PvP situation they are useless. A useful PvP only fighter is the Juggernaut Supreme build with a powerful bow and a few arrows.
[edit] Defense Related
[edit] Immediate Tactics

Keep your distance

You can melee other players, but you'll need a fast clicking pace and some conditions to fight. Keep your distance! An enchanted bow is the best against an armored player. Regular bows work as well. The only case where you have no choice but to melee is when you're out of ammunition or if marksmanship isn't your thing. Even at point blank range, a bow could be a better choice, fully charged it sends a critical hit the power of a diamond sword!

Mid-combat Looting

Whilst in the middle of a multi-player pvp standing around and checking out the loot from the guy you just killed is just being a burden on your group, having to protect you and in most cases they won't protect you, most likely getting you killed and losing the loot you just got and your original possessions. Although a bit of senario analysis is also needed (I.E. take this advice with a pinch of salt).

Run for your life

You might be thinking this is an ordinary idea, but running away from your killer might give you an advantage over him, as well as an advantage for him. Running deprives you of your Hunger Bar. The thing is, if his hunger bar is over 90%, he will regenerate. Deprive him of that and get him when he's eating as a head start.


If someone is pummeling you with arrows and you cannot dodge them, block them by right click holding your sword. This will reduce incoming damage by half. Block in between shots while trying to get closer to them.

Keep armor and a sword on you at all times

You might have Iron armor and a pickaxe mining in a well known mine, but you're not very hard to defeat against someone without armor but a stone sword, which is the first weapon people settle for. Keep a sword on you at all times and hopefully you can retaliate, plus, keep armor, even if it is basic leather or even the fragile gold armor, so if someone does attack you, you can still live to turn around and kill your attempted killer.

Safety first

When you are using lava or TNT, bring some obsidian and/or a Water Bucket. This will protect you from explosions and burning.

Be Vigilant

On a PvP server, you never know where people are. Even if you are far away from spawn someone may be spying on you, stalking you, waiting to attack or worse. NEVER think you are alone, always assume someone is near you and will attack you. Keep your fingers ready to whip out your sword.

Other Tactics:
Bring in something different every time

You may be pretty powerful with your not-inconsiderable Protection IV diamond armor and Sharpness V Knockback II and Fire Aspect II sword. This will give a good warning to enemies to back off. However, as it becomes easier to get diamonds, set up traps, and find ways to kill you indirectly, staying with this setup is not recommended. Sooner or later, they'll get to you and then use your own gear against you because they tested out all these effects on the armor and they'd find ways to dodge your sword. Therefore, you'd better keep different kinds of equipment on. For instance, you can start off with Thorns enchantment added to your armor. Then, add Protection. Then slowly make your sword more powerful. People will get used to this. Then, all of a sudden, get them with your best shot in your armory!
[edit] Use monsters to your advantage

Let's say you're in a small guerrilla faction. Your members in your faction aren't half bad. However, the only problem is that there are a few people. They don't mine or gather too much, although they are quite skilled. The problem here is that even if they don't die much, they still do. Instead of using people that need supplies, why not make an army that purely just spawns with them? An army of skeletons is best, although zombies work too. If you can, try to get your hands on Wither Skeletons, that can attack with their stone swords and still give the Wither effect, or better yet, give them bows long forgotten and unneeded so that they can shoot fire arrows and set the enemy on fire, although this may take more time to wait for them to spawn and transporting them is more difficult. Find a skeleton monster spawner, set up a network of water transportation (if you are using wither skeletons, try using lava), bring them to a certain room, with someone in there. Then, when the time comes and somebody comes to raid the base, unleash them. Such an army does not mine diamonds for you, but even so they're useful by the fact that they're easy to find and easily replaceable.


Being properly equipped is very important if you're entering into organized PvP, or even simply being prepared for unexpected attacks. All this is guaranteed to kill monsters and players.



Use: Melee
Damage: Varies with material wood-4 gold-4 stone-5 iron-6 diamond-7


Use: Ranged
Damage: No charge: 1 (Half Heart.svg), Half charge: 5 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHalf Heart.svg), Full charge: 9 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHalf Heart.svg), rarely 10 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg)


Use: Explosive
Range: ~10 blocks in diameter (depends on surrounding blocks)
Damage: Explosive (around 30 (Heart.svg × 15) at point blank range)
Note: When it comes to higher levels of armor, TNT get weaker and weaker up to the point where it gets completely obsolete. It is recommended to use this for mining or for sandtraps rather than damage.

Flint & Steel

Use: Fire
Range: Damage on contact
Damage: 1 (Half Heart.svg) every second while on fire
Note: This will keep an enemy that's in the fire for a second burning for 4.

Fishing Rod

Range: 15 blocks
Use: This deals no damage to enemies, but it will grapple them and pull them as far as you are. This can be useful since you can kill enemies via fall damage, therefore being very effective in places such as ravines.

[edit] Defensive


Protection: Leather blocks 30% damage, Gold blocks 44% damage, Chainmail blocks 48% (only obtainable through trading), Iron blocks 60% damage, and Diamond blocks 80% damage. Armor can be more potent with enchantents added, like Protection or Feather Falling.
Note: With the new "Thorns" enchantment to be added in 1.4.6, enemies can be damaged by hitting you. HOWEVER this will deal extra damage to your armour, so like the Wither, it is somewhat of a double edged sword.
Don't leave home without it! One of the best ways to outlast you opponent is to reduce the damage you take by wearing quality armor. This damages them indirectly by giving you more time to kill them.


Range: Effect applied within wide radius. Recommended for placement inside base so enemies cannot get their hands on the beacon's effect.
Use: Applies a positive potion effect for about 10 seconds to players that touch it. Potion effects can be set to: Speed, Haste, Regeneration, Strength, Jump Boost.
Note: It is probably not a wise idea to risk a WMD fallout caused by attempts to fight the Wither to gain the core of the Beacon.


Range: User
Damage: None
Use: Hunger regeneration. Always make sure to have full food during a fight! If your food goes below 9 bars,you will not regenerate health, and if your food gets below 3 bars, you cannot sprint. Golden apples are best because they heal you at the same time, but any other food works.


Use: Eradicates all potion effects, good or bad.

[edit] Tactical


Use: Support or Punishment
Range: User (regular), 5 blocks after toss (splash)
Damage: Depends on potion

Ender Pearls

Range: Up to 50ish blocks
Damage: 2 1/2 hearts damage to the user
Use: When thrown, it teleports the user to the place it lands. Useful for getting over walls.

Water Bucket

Use: Hindering
Range: 7 from source (cannot be used in The Nether)
Damage: Usually none, drowning possible

Lava Bucket

Use: Burning, Hindrance
Range: 3 from source (7 in The Nether)
Damage: Contact (8 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg) every second, + fire effect)

Snowballs or Eggs

Range: Up to 15-20 blocks
Damage: None
Use: Deals no damage except to Blazes and Endermen. Knocks back all other mobs. High rate of fire. Best when next to cliffs. They only damage other players if there is a plugin for the server that gives the ability of harm for these. Best if against someone not your own size. They can be useful in a Survival Games match as well. Use when you are on a high perch with an enemy chasing you up. Most players will not expect an egg to be used as a weapon, and therefore can be very effective. Damage armor.

Battle Enchantments

Fire Aspect and Flame

Ability: Damage over Time, Higher levels make Fire damage last longer.
Highest Level: II (2)
Used on: Sword (Fire Aspect), Bow (Flame)
Notes: This effect goes right through all kinds of armor, however it doesn't always work reliably: don't try to attack someone with Orange Potion particles or a full set of Enchanted armour. Chances are, they will have Fire Resistance on them.

Sharpness and Power

Ability: Deals a random amount of extra damage, damage limit is increased by higher levels.
Used on: Sword (Sharpness), Bow (Power)
Highest Level: V (5)
Notes: The additional damage bypasses Armour protection, so your enemy's Diamond Armour won't protect you that much from your Sharpness V (5) Iron sword. The damage dealt isn't constant, so fighting isn't a just a matter of who strikes first or who has better Armour and Weapons, but how much damage is dealt.


Ability: Wearer has a chance to reflect taken damage back at oppoment. Higher levels offer higher chance to reflect damage.
Used on: All armour pieces
Highest level: III (3)
Notes: Be wary of the extra Durability damage your Armour takes. If you combine the Thorns and Protection, then your armour will break very, very quickly, unless it has Unbreaking.

Knockback and Punch

Ability: Knocks target back farther. Higher levels will increase distance.
Highest Level: II (2)
Used on: Sword (Knockback), Bow (Punch)
Notes: These enchantments should be preferably used against Players with Strength on them (surrounded by Dark Red swirl particles). If you knock them away, they won't be able to use their Strength to its full extent, as it only affects Melee combat. On the other hand, if you know someone has a Power V (5) Bow, but only a Wooden Sword, then maybe keeping them close will be a better strategy.

[edit] Defensive
[edit] Armor


Ability: Additional protection against everything except Void damage. Higher tiers offer greater protection from damage.
Used on: All armour pieces.
Highest level: IV (4)
Notes: This is one of the better Armour enchantments. It protects against everything you would usually worry about in the battlefield. It only is a small percent worse than the "specific" enchantments (ex. Fire Protection).

Blast Protection

Ability: Additional damage protection against Explosions. Higher tiers offer more protection from explosions.
Used on: All armour pieces.
Highest Level: IV (4)
Notes: A full set of Blast Protection IV (4) armour should protect you well from Explosions, and is the preferred armour of choice against Weapons of Mass Destruction (see bottom of page).

Fire Protection

Ability: Additional damage protection against Lava, catching fire, and standing in fire. Higher tiers offer more protection from fire.
Used on: All armour pieces.
Highest Level: IV (4)
Notes: A full set of Fire Protection IV (4) armour is preferred for fights against someone with Fire Aspect or Flame enchantments.

Projectile Protection

Ability: Additional damage protection against fired arrows, as well as Ghast and Blaze fireballs (impact only). Higher tiers offer greater protection from Projectiles.
Used on: All armour pieces.
Highest Level: IV (4)
Notes: This should be the armour of choice if you need to get past Dispenser traps. Since many Dispenser traps involve Projectiles, this enchantment will protect greatly against it.

Feather Falling

Ability: Additional protection against Fall Damage. Also protects against Ender Pearl damage. Higher tiers offer better protection.
Used on: Boots only.
Highest Level: IV (4)
Notes: Even though falling from a distance that would usually hurt you gets completely nullified by the Boots, it will still make the sound of bones cracking, and alerting those nearby to your presence.


Ability: Wearer can breathe underwater for longer, when Suffocating there is more time between loss of health. Higher tiers let you breathe underwater for even longer, and give more time between taking Suffocation damage.
Used on: Helmet only.
Highest Level: III (3)
Notes: This enchantment is rather useful for Recon: you can spend more time hiding underwater in the Enemy moat.

[edit] Weapon


Ability: Fire unlimited Arrows, but at least One must be in your Inventory.
Used on: Bow
Highest level: I (1)
Notes: Infinity is a good enchantment for spamming Arrows, and Archery at all. You don't need to worry about wasting all your resources on a 64 stack of arrows, only to use them all in less than half an hour, and you don't need to keep running back to base to get more Arrows. Bow durability, however, is still an issue.


Ability: Lengthens the Durability of the Armour/Weapon in question. Higher tiers offer longer Durability.
Used on: All Armour and Weapons (Not availible via standard enchantments, only through Unbreaking Enchantment book on Anvil)
Highest level: III (3)
Notes: Although you need to go through more of a hassle to get Unbreaking on your Items, it can be worth it. Prolonged engagement in Combat means that even your Diamond gear will break rather quickly, especially if your Armour has Thorns or Protection on it. Try to get Unbreaking on your Gear as soon as possible for maximum effectiveness.

[edit] Weapons of Mass Destruction

When it absolutely must die, settle for nothing less.
[edit] Redstone Mechanisms, Dispensers, Pistons and TNT

Style: Indirect
Damage: Arrows harm depending on difficulty, fire charges set enemy on fire.
Use: Always bring Redstone supplies when going on raids. These can be used to blow holes in the enemy's base, surround them, lay traps, etc. Leave one dude to handle these and the rest to fight. Note that this CAN leave you vulnerable.

[edit] Creeper

Style: Destructive, Offensive
Range: Wherever you lure them.
Damage: Depends on difficulty.
Use: Creepers are more effective than TNT cannons, so don't kill them on sight. They can destroy bases protected with a certain plugins, unless the plugin disables explosions as well.

[edit] Skeletons and Zombies

Style: Direct, Offensive, Easily Replacable
Range: Skeletons use bows but can fight with swords, zombies are melee fighting.
Damage: Depends on difficulty.
Use: Skeletons and Zombies can be found in abundance, especially from a monster spawner. Despite not having the same skills as one person, a full army can defeat your rivals or at least damage their armor. If you have extra sets of armor, be sure to give them some, along with more powerful weapons.

[edit] Wither

Style: Destructive, Offensive, Lasting (depending on difficulty), Terrorism (depends on players), Complete and Total annihalation of any non-undead mobs, and the structures surrounding said mobs.
Range: Where you, other players, or non-undead mobs lure it.
Damage: Depends on difficulty.
Use: Withers are even more effective than Creepers, so don't attack them on sight when you spawn them in. If you spawn it in or near a base, the resulting explosion can knock down a sizable portion of the base, if it isn't protected by plugins or made of Bedrock, unless, like the Creeper, the plugin disables explosions. Also, it is a mobile, rapid-fire T.N.T. Cannon that can easily wreck any and all players in the area. However, if the PvP is team-based, it can be a two-edged sword, as it will attack ANY player or non-undead mob that gets nearby, and, if the server is on Normal or Hard, they can shoot blue skulls randomly. They can also be used to strike fear into every player on the server, unless there are people with their sound turned extremely down. They will not be terrorized unless they get attacked by the Wither. Do NOT do it near your base or near the spawn since you can get destroyed or banned(if they know/care...), and make sure you have some plan in eventually killing it before an administrator does, because once you lay it down, you can never turn back. Overall, the Wither is a doomsday weapon. i.e It will destroy everything in until it becomes unloaded, not just one side, don't use it unless you want to terrorize the whole region or you are doing it far from population you do not wish to be exterminated. Be warned. Admins don't always take kindly to Semi-permanent WMD-fallout caused by the Wither spawning, and may kill it using commands, creative mode, or even just a skilled hunting party or particularly lethal trap. The Wither is not invulnerable, and often can be killed by a single well-armored player with some luck or skill. In fact, once the Wither is at 50% health and becomes easy to hit, one player can often kill it by simply walking up to it and hitting it rapidly. Note that withers can only see in a 16 block radius. It is also a great deterrent to immediate attack.
Note: Since a Wither can still be killed, it's recommended to keep a few more Wither Skeleton Skull heads by your side.

~~~~~This was a long ONE!!!!!!!! Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep
I really need the sleep this time! I hope This has helped in base defence and your pvp skills~~~~~


See You Guyz Later!!!! king king
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How To Make A RAID Proof Base!!! And How To Raid!!! :D Empty
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Very nice! One note though, I do not permit Rei's minimap, as it can give away sky bases and is very noobish for finding things.
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How To Make A RAID Proof Base!!! And How To Raid!!! :D Empty
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Oh kk Very Happy I Totally Agree
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How To Make A RAID Proof Base!!! And How To Raid!!! :D Empty
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How To Make A RAID Proof Base!!! And How To Raid!!! :D
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