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 RAIDING Facts And Tips Along with FACTION HELP!!!!

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PostSubject: RAIDING Facts And Tips Along with FACTION HELP!!!!   Mon Mar 11, 2013 11:31 pm

Welcome everyone to my second ShadowTutorial,
Today i will be discussing How the Faction Plugin Works. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Since you are on this server i bet you probably know what factions are but if you are new to the server and/or the plugin its self I will Give you an overview. rabbit
This plugin will allow the players on the server to create factions/guilds. The factions can claim territory that will be protected from non-members. Factions can forge alliances and declare themselves enemies with others. Land may be taken from other factions through war... DUH DUH DUU!!!! Thats right WAR!! But we will get to that later!

-Now Lets Start off With Some Commands-

Well Lets Show Them ALLLLLL of The Commands And Their Purpose!

■/f help,h,? [page] – Display a help page
■/f list,ls *[page] – Show a list of the factions
■/f show,who *[faction tag] – Show detailed information on a certain faction
■/f map *[on|off] – Show an ascii-art map of the nearby territory. Per default it will render only when you use the command. If you specify on or off you will toggle if the map should render every once in a while.
■/f power *[player name] – Show either your own power (if no name is specified) or another player’s power (if a player name is specified, and permission node factions.viewAnyPower is granted)
■/f join [faction name] – Join a faction
■/f leave – Leave your faction
■/f chat,c – Switch faction only chat on and off
■/f home – Teleport to the faction homef
■/f create [faction tag] – Create a new faction with you as admin
■/f desc [desc] – Change the faction description
■/f tag [faction tag] – Change the faction tag
■/f open – Switch if invitation is required to join
■/f invite,inv [player name] – Invite a player
■/f deinvite,inv [player name] – Remove a pending invitation
If your faction is closed invitations are required to join the faction.
■/f sethome *[faction tag] – Set the faction home (faction tag can only be specified by those with admin bypass permission; otherwise, it’s for your own faction)
■/f claim – Claim the land where you are standing
■/f claim [faction=your] [radius=1] – Claim the land in a radius around where you are standing
■/f autoclaim [faction=your] – Start auto-claiming land as you walk around
■/f unclaim, declaim – Unclaim the land where you are standing

The area claimed is a minecraft “chunk”. It is an 16×16 area all the way from bedrock to the sky. If you are claiming territory from another faction you must start at the border. Only faction moderators and admin can do this.
■/f owner *[player name] – Set/remove ownership of a 16×16 claimed territory. If a player name is specified, that player will be added or removed from the owner list for the territory. If no player name is specified, it will either set ownership to the player running the command (if no owners are currently set) or completely clear ownership of the territory.■/f ownerlist – View a list of owners for the current area. Only works inside your own faction’s territory.
■/f kick [player name] – Kick a player from the faction.
Faction moderators can kick normal players but not eachother. The faction admin can kick moderators though.■/f mod [player name] – Give or revoke moderator rights to one of the members of the faction. You must be faction admin to do this.
■/f admin [player name] – Hand over your admin rights to another member. Note that you are really handing it over. You will not be admin for the faction any longer. You will be turned into a moderator, but the new admin could kick you any time.
■/f title [player name] *[title] – Set or remove a players title. This serves special meaning. It’s just fun and allows you to “promote” players.
■/f noboom – enable/disable explosions inside your faction’s territory; only available to faction admin and faction moderators for peaceful factions (explained further down)
■/f ally [faction name]
■/f neutral [faction name]
■/f enemy [faction name]
■/f money b,balance [faction=yours] - show faction bank balance
■/f money d,deposit <amount> [faction=yours] - deposit money into faction bank
■/f money w,withdraw <amount> [faction=yours] - withdraw money from faction bank
■/f money ff <amount> <faction> <faction> - transfer money from faction to faction
■/f money fp <amount> <faction> <player> - transfer money from faction to player
■/f money pf <amount> <player> <faction> - transfer money from player to faction

~~~~~Faction Realtionships~~~~~
The factions on the server have relations to each other. They can be ally, neutral or enemy. You choose your wished relation to another faction through a chat command.

■If both factions wishes ally you will be allies.
■If one faction wishes enemy you will be enemies.

When You or Your Faction Leader Uses The /Enemy Command on Someone That Means That You Are in War With That Faction. You cannot RAID Anyone without being enemy to their faction. When Your faction is enemy to someone you can hurt them in any factions territory, your territory, the wild, or a warzone. YOU CAN NOT HURT ANYONE IN A SAFEZONE!!! Even with spells...

When You are neutral with someone You can hurt them in their territory or a safezone. You can hurt them in your territory, the wild, or in a warzone.

When You are allys with a group you cant hurt anyone from that fac at all (Well except for in an arena)

Just Remember that...
~You can never hurt members or allies (friendly fire is always off).
~You can not hurt neutrals in their own territory.
~You can always hurt enemies and players without faction.
~Damage from enemies is reduced by a certain percentage in your own territory.

~Only faction members can build and destroy in their own territory. Interaction with the following items is also restricted by default: Wooden Door, Trapdoor, Chest, Furnace, Dispenser, and Diode. Make sure to put pressure plates in front of doors for your guest visitors. Otherwise they can’t get through. You can also use this to create member only areas. As dispensers are protected you can create traps without worrying about those arrows getting stolen.

~~~Chat Colors~~~

■There are certain colors for certain relations in the chat messages:
Members are green, Allies are purple, Neutrals are white and Enemies are red.

~~~Tips and Tricks~~~

■Write f instead of /f. You can skip the slash when using console commands.

■Faction admins should promote trusted members in the guild to moderators. This way the guild will have a leader even when the admin isn’t there.

■Faction moderators can set a home for the faction. You will spawn there on death. Teleport there using /f home

■When using chat commands that takes a parameter faction name you can actually specify a player name instead. That players faction will then be used.

~~~~~~~The Importance Of Your 'Power'~~~~~~~

Every player has “power”. The power can at most be 10 and at least be -10. If you die you lose 2 power. Note that it doesn’t matter at all how you die. You can be killed by an enemy or drown in sand. In either case you will lose 2 power. The power will be restored over time, but only while the player is online; while offline, their power will not regenerate. It takes 5 min for 1 power to be restored while online. You will also lose 1 power for every 24 hours offline. Note that these values are all just the defaults, and can be changed as desired.

The power of a faction is the sum of all member power. Every power grants the faction right to claim one land/chunk.

~~~Raiding Aspect~~~

You can claim land from a faction if it has to low power.
For example:

A faction with two healthy players, MrApe and MrCow, had a faction named SuperAnimals. The faction SuperAnimals had 20 power. This was because the members had 10 power each and 10+10 is 20. They claimed as much territory as they could (20 minecraft chunks that is). Then MrApe went and drowned in lava. As MrApe died he lost 2 power. After that he had only 8 / 10 power and the faction SuperAnimals had 18 power as 8 + 10 = 18. At this time SuperAnimals had more land than they could handle (20/18). Then their enemy Bulldozer took the chance to claim some of their land. He managed to claim 2 chunks at the border of their territory. Then he could not claim more as SuperAnimals now had (18/18) land.

~Note that if you claim land from another faction you must start at the border of their territory.

~~~~~Faction Land Ownership~~~~~

Are You Tired of all of those pesky thiefs? They always steal all of the stuff out of your chests! BUT NOW THERE IS A SOLUTION!!!! Introducing the command /f owner name This allows you to be the owner of this land so people cant use chests, furnaces, and cant destroy anything. You are the owner of it, But be aware! Mods and co-admins can bypass it so choose your faction staff wisely!!!

Thank you guyz SOOOOOOo Much for reading this, It means alot to me, and it took alot of time!! I hope you guys enjoy it and i hope it can be useful!!
I have to go, This made me Kinda Tired.... Sleep

If You Guyz Have ANY Questions on The Faction Plugin Or any other plugin Just Type me a messgae on here, Pm me on the forum, Or send me in-game mail. Just Use the command /mail send MinerNicolas (Msg)

Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: RAIDING Facts And Tips Along with FACTION HELP!!!!   Tue Mar 12, 2013 7:38 am

Very well done once again!
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PostSubject: Re: RAIDING Facts And Tips Along with FACTION HELP!!!!   Tue Mar 12, 2013 10:09 am

Thank you so much man it means alot!!! What Should I Do Next? Question Question Question Question Question Question
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PostSubject: Re: RAIDING Facts And Tips Along with FACTION HELP!!!!   

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RAIDING Facts And Tips Along with FACTION HELP!!!!
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